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Ryuka's One Month-iversary!

This is our cat!! His name is Ryuka and one month ago today, we adopted him from the shelter in Tuscaloosa!  The day we adopted him, I cried in the car because I wanted him so badly but Noah was thinking about the consequences (ew), but then we impulsively bought him and it was the best decision ever!  We have gotten like half of the sleep we should get every night because he wakes up super duper early and Noah gets a lil mad, but that's okay because when he does cute stuff like that ---> Noah loves him!! I also get mad but then I just go back to sleep and Noah deals with it (love u) Since we've gotten him, he's gained a lil weight because we're feeding him good food, and he's on an eating schedule. Dude LOVES to eat. He also loves car rides! Taking him to the vet was a blast, except for the part when we actually got to the vet. He hated that. He's only one year old, so he's got hella energy. He loves playing with this rope I have and some mice we bought…